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Bringing Your Daily Driver Up To Speed!

Existing Clients! Write a positive testimonial and earn 5% off your next vehicle service! 

I gave Fresh Auto a chance and I was blown away. Not only did Fresh Auto make the paint pop, Nathan even took the time to explain the processes involved. This made me appreciate the efforts put into my car even more. The mobile service is great so I don’t need to take time out of my day to get my car detailed. I have and will continue to recommend!

Ryan / N. Van

"FAD does an excellent job in cleaning my car. As it is a proper hand wash, I have no concerns about the car's paint being scratched as you have to worry at regular car washes. I also appreciate his honesty. He advised that the reason I had fluff on the dash was due to my kleenex and not that the interior was dirty. The convenience of having my car serviced at work is also important to me."

Bernice / Vancouver

I’m a busy person. I barely had
time to write this testimonial, let alone take care of my car. I purchased my Honda Fit new in March of 2009. Believe it or not, it had not seen soap in a whole year! I had the Full Exterior ReFresh and must say, afterwards, the car looked
BETTER THAN NEW by far! And Fresh Auto came to my work and took care of everything during a work day!

Neera / Vancouver

"Excellent work. My car is GORGEOUS!  Inside & out... spotless.  Better than what I could have done myself.  I hate cleaning as it is anyway, so I'm very glad my boss referred Fresh Auto Detailing to me. I will use them again. I have already told my in-laws about FAD!"

Gloria / Delta
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