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Interior Services
As Needed

Having your car look great on the outside is only part of the equation. It’s what’s inside that counts, right?!

We have changed how we tackle and charge for interior cleaning when it comes to vehicles that have been neglected. FACCE used to offer a Full Interior Refresh service. In some instances charging a single set price for this service was unfair to some clients, and in other cases, it was unfair to FACCE.

As a result, we now start with and charge for the time allotted for an Interior Mini Refresh for your sized vehicle (typically 1-3 hours).  From that point, and depending of the severity of the situation, you can opt +Add Time at $26.75/hr.  Set your own budget and we can tackle the priorities based on the state of your vehicle’s interior, or simply give us the go ahead to clean the interior to the best of our abilities. 

Either way, the aim is to please!  So far this approach has worked out very well with zero complaints on the results... or the invoice!

1. Vacuuming - Removing loose dirt and dust from all fabric makes the interior look tidy, and helps better the air quality by removing allergens!

2. Clean / Scrub - We first go through the entire vehicle scrubbing every surface as thoroughly as possible. The result is an extremely satisfying ‘fresh start’ for your vehicles interior.

3. Protectant - Once the surface have been properly thoroughly cleaned, we then apply a special non-greasy UV protector that aids in repelling dust and other loose dirt and dust.

4. Door Jambs - Jambs are the first thing anyone sees when they open a vehicles door. So why not WOW them?!

5. Windows - We’ll pay proper attention to your windows to remedy issues affecting your overall visibility such as fingerprints grime and other residue.

Giving you freedom to set your budget based on condition and expectations.
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