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Exterior Services
Fresh Wash+Wax & Seasonal Prep

Did you know that most wax manufactures won't claim that their wax will last greater than 3 months? That means that after this time period the wax that has been previous applied will no longer be protecting your paint's surface. The testing is also typically done in environments that are much more ideal compared to Vancouver's weather conditions (eg. California). FACCE recommends a Fresh Wash+Wax 2-4 times a year. Further, your wax application will not last if it is being applied to embedded dirt (read Seasonal Prep info).

The Fresh Wash+Wax service process:

1. Fresh Wash (Hand Wash, Wheel and Tire Scrub)

2. Iron Decontamination - remove embedded iron from the vehicle

3. Re-Wash - remove any residue left over from the Iron Bath

4. Hand Dried - The vehicle needs to be dried before wax can be applied.

5. *Wax Application - Applied and removed by hand.

*A Sealant can be used instead of wax far a nominal extra charge (Winter recommended).

Fresh Wash+Wax / Sealant

Ever heard this:  "I took my vehicle in to the detail shop for a Wash and Wax... It looked great for about a week and now it looks the same it did as before!"

Many shops will gladly accept your request of a Wash and Wax service and charge you accordingly.  However, a vehicle's paint surface should be properly inspected (after a wash) before this type of service is determined adequate, otherwise you are throwing your money away.

If your paint has embedded dirt, the wax will only temporarily adhere to the surface. The wax needs to bond to the painted surface directly, otherwise it simply wont last.

The Seasonal Prep Service will remove embedded dirt and other contaminants in order to prepare the surface for the wax or sealant application.  Best to do this service once a year (Spring or Fall) to aid in preventing oxidation and keep things looking shiney and new. 

The Seasonal Prep Service has the Fresh Wash+Wax Service as its core, but goes a step further and includes Claybarring of the vehicle's painted surfaces. Only after claybarring will the painted surfaces be truly clean and clear of contaminants and ready for that important wax or sealant application.

Seasonal Prep
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