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Bringing Your Daily Driver Up To Speed!

Maintenance Package

The maintenance option for cleaning your vehicle’s exterior.  Keeping your vehicle free from loose dirt will lessen the likelihood of dirt getting embedded into the paint and oxidation occuring over time.

Key points about a Fresh Wash:

- Soap is pH balanced and biodegradable

- Fresh soap is used for EVERY vehicle

- 2 buckets - one for soap and one for rinse water

- Only quality, clean, chenille micro fibre wash mitts used.

1. Hand Wash - Your vehicle is thoroughly washed by hand.  No wash brooms or other inferior methods that may scratch your vehicle are utilized. A low powered pressure washer is utilized to rinse the vehicle and conserve water.

2. Tires, Wheels, and Wheel Wells - Cleaned using soft bristle brushes and micro fibre sponges.

3. Hand Dried - In some areas in the Lower Mainland hard water is an issue. Your vehicle will be dried to help avoid water/mineral etching.

Fresh Wash

This offering is for vehicles that are relatively well maintained and just need some freshening up.  It is a very popular choice and quite adequate.

Key points about the Interior Mini ReFresh:

- Budget minded but thorough
- The first step of the interior cleaning process for ‘disasters’ (See Interior Services)

1. Vacuumming - All fabrics are thoroughly vacuumed.  Extra care and attention is spent in and around tight/difficult areas.

2. Wipe Down - All plastic and other surfaces are thoroughly wiped by hand and cleared of loose dust and other loose particles using a mild cleanser and microfibre cloth.

3. Windows - We’ll pay proper attention to your windows to remedy issues affecting your overall visibility such as fingerprints grime and other residue.

Interior Mini Refresh
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