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Exterior Services
Fresh Wash+Aquabead & Aquabead4Windows

Priced between the Fresh Wash and Fresh Wash+Wax, clients can utilize this service as a bridge for added protection in between wax applications or as a budget minded option in lieu of a wax application. 

Like a wax, Aquabead provides a layer of slickness to help prevent contaminants from adhereing to your vehicle surfaces. Protection should last ~3+ months depending on storage and environmental conditions.

The Fresh Wash+Aquabead service incudes:

1. Fresh Wash (Hand Wash, Wheel and Tire Scrub)

2. Aquabead Application*

*Much like a Fresh Wash+Wax, it is still vital that the vehicle painted surfaces be free of embedded contaminants. A prior Seasonal Prep service is recommended.

Fresh Wash+Aquabead
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Over time contaminants such as tree sap, chemical soaps, windshield washer fluid, etc. can dry and adhere to your windshield and other windows. This can create visibility issues when rain water creates a sheet effect that can become unsafe in inclement weather situations.

Applying Aquabead to your windows prevents the rainwater from sheeting and forces it to bead up into smaller droplets. This allows for an easier exit of the water droplets away from your view.

Aquabead4Windows includes:

1. Claybarring of Windows to remove embedded contaminants*

2. Aquabead Application to windows

This service can be combined with the Fresh Wash+Aquabead at a reduced rate.

*Polishing of windows is options for addiional fee.

Aquabead 4 Windows
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