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Exterior Services

*Remedying deep scratchers can be a costly and time consuming process. We can refer you elsewhere for this service.


4. Wax / Sealant Application - Lastly, Wax or Sealant is applied to add gloss, sheen, slickness, and above all > protection.

5. Tires Dress - Your wheels will be cleaned and tires dressed.


After this service is performed, a Fresh Wash+Wax is recommended 2 to 4 times a year to keep dirt and other contaminants from embedding themselves again (aim for each season). 

A sealant application is recommended towards the end of fall in preparation for winter. A sealant is more durable than a wax, but may not be as vibrant as a wax.

Depending on your driving habits and the storage of the vehicle, a Full Exterior Refresh is recommended for proper paint maintenance and protection. 

1. Fresh Wash - The vehicle will be hand washed to remove all loose dirt. Fresh Auto Detailing uses pH balanced and biodegradable soap.  Your *wheel, wheel wells, and tires will be cleaned also.


2. IRON-X Bath and Claybar - Dirt and other contaminants can embedded themselves into the clearcoat over time, and washing alone will not remove this.  Using a claybar is vital if you want your car to look its best.  The clay bar is rubbed against the entire paint surface of the vehicle. After this process your paint will be free of contaminants and feel smooth to the touch.


3. 1-Step Polishing - We then go  around the entire car with a dual action polisher and either a mild or aggressive polish, depending on the paint condition. This step will buff out any remaining contaminants and oxidation. The light to mild scratches will *diminish.  After this step you will really be able to see your face in the paint! 

The Value & Results driven option for your Vehicles Exterior
Full Exterior Refresh
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