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Bringing Your Daily Driver Up To Speed!

Seasonal Promotion
March & April Promo - Referral Rewards Double Up!
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March 1 - April 30

As a reminder of the Referral Rewards Program that is always in effect, Fresh Auto Detailing normally has this offer:

For every referral you send to Fresh Auto Detailing that spends a minimum of $70 (before tax) you may choose one of the following:


  • A $5 Credit with FAD for your next service

  • A $5 Gift Card to FAD or elsewhere

  • A $5 Donation to a Charity of your choice


March April Promo Part 1 – Double Up


For the months of March and April 2017, Fresh Auto Detailing will DOUBLE the reward earned for each of your referrals! ($5=$10). You may choose to mix and match your rewards (ie. $5 Credit and $5 Gift Card) or combine them when you have multiple referrals.​

Part 2 – Double Up Bonus

For those eager and excited about this promotion, and willing to put forth a little effort in supporting FAD and small business, this next ones for you!

For each individual that is able to refer 4 new clients to Fresh Auto Detailing in the months of March and April, I will sweeten the deal with a bonus $10.  When you refer 4 new clients, choose from:

  • $50 Credit with Fresh Auto Detailing

  • $50 Gift Card to FAD or elsewhere

  • $50 Donation to a Charity of your choice

As long as your referral initiates contact in March or April, the double Referral Rewards offer will be honoured providing the service is completed by June 30, 2017.


The fine print:

  • Your referrals must initiate contact with Fresh Auto Detailing within the months of March or April 2017 to qualify for this promotion.

  • Your referrals must schedule and have service completed between March 1 – June 30, 2017 in order for you to earn the double and bonus rewards. If not, the standard Referral Reward offer will apply.

  • Your referrals must clearly identify who has referred them. 

  • Only one Referral Reward will be given to an individual per client referral.

  • If your referral requests multiple vehicles to be serviced, this will only count as one referral.

  • Referral Rewards for this promotion must be claimed within 6 months (no later than October 30, 2017). A reminder to claim your Referral Rewards will be sent by email one time only in July 2017 if you have not claimed them by that time.

  • Fresh Auto Detailing reserves the right to amend this promotion and the stipulations outlined above at any time. This promotion is subject to change at the sole discretion of Fresh Auto Detailing.

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