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Seasonal Promotion
May 1 - July 15
May & June Promo - 10% Off a Fresh Wash+Wax or Seasonal Prep Service

Its been quite busy for FAD for May so far, and I have not had a chance to update the promo page! There is always a timely seasonal promotion running with FAD ;)

So... Fresh Auto Detailing is once again pleased to offer its clients a 10% reduced rate on the Fresh Wash+Wax and Seasonal Prep services for the months of May and June (extended to July 15!)

Now is the time, folks!  The sun has been shining, and so should your vehicle!  These services do not need you to wait until the middle of the summer to complete.  With continued washes and wax applications, these services will have long lasting results that will keep your vehicle looking great all through the year, or two… or more!*

Fresh Wash+Wax Service includes:

            - Fresh Wash
            - Iron Decontamination
            - Secondary Wash
            - Hand Dry
            - Wax Application

Recommended every 3-4 months depending on vehicle use, environmental conditions and storage

Seasonal Prep Service includes:
            - Fresh Wash

            - Iron Decontamination
            - Secondary Wash
            - Hand Dry
            - Clay-bar Treatment
            - Wax Application


Recommended at least once a year (Spring!)

The longevity of the results after these services can depend on your continued overall care of the vehicle after these services and environmental conditions, among other factors. Washing your vehicle as frequently as possible utilizing proper techniques and materials can also significantly help prolong the results.

The fine print:​​

  • Estimates given prior to viewing actual vehicle and are subject to adjustment. In many cases, however, estimates can be considered quotes.

  • This promotion runs from May 1 - July 15 2017.

  • Fresh Auto Detailing reserves the right to amend this promotion and the stipulations outlined above at any time. This promotion is subject to change at the sole discretion of Fresh Auto Detailing.

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